I'm a Graphic Designer from Denver specializing in layout design, hand-lettering, and illustration. Keep scrolling to get to know me better!


'Backwards Design'

Digital drawing, Procreate and Adobe InDesign

Risograph print on handmade denim paper

This zine was the summative project of my 2 year Graphic Design MFA. It was an exercise in attempting to design something from start to finish according to the "Designing Backwards" method of sustainable design which I devised. In the spirit of creating something from the most sustainable materials possible, I handmade the paper for the book out of recycled denim.

Ibero-American Telehealth and Telemedicine Association (AITT)

Digital, Adobe Illustrator

This association of doctors from South and Central America is dedicated to bringing medical help to people in remote places. Their work became even more important this year with the rising need for telehealth care during COVID. They brought me in to design all the materials for their virtual congress on the subject, including marketing, a template for presentations, and the program of events. Pictured here are the cover of their peer-reviewed publication and a graphic accompanying an article on COVID's impact on the primary care clinical model.

BookBar Chalk Art

Chalk pastels on slate and concrete

My first job after college was at BookBar, a Denver bookstore and wine bar. It was at this community-centered store that I first discovered my love for hand lettering. As official in-house designer, I got the duty of creating chalk art for signage in the store, and even did a sidewalk chalk series during the summer.

MetalArc Logo

Digital, Adobe Illustrator

This logo is for a Denver-based welding and metal fabrication company. The client wanted a logo that visually represents the play on words in the name by incorporating both a Meadowlark and an element of metal design. It was important for the end result to be easily laser cut on metal, and to show that the business is approachable for a wide range of clients. 

All the Light We

Cannot See 

Cover Redesigns

Digital, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

A project to redesign the cover for one of my favorite books, each one reimagining it with a specific audience in mind. Each cover design is coded to appeal to readers of a specific genre, including history, romance, and young adult.

Downy Woodpecker Illustration

Digital drawing, Procreate

This illustration was my love note to Colorado while I was living in Edinburgh, Scotland for two years. It features my favorite of the frequent visitors to my backyard, the downy, and a bouquet of local wildflowers.

'Changing the World with Graphic Design'

Digital, Adobe InDesign

This was my dissertation for my Graphic Design MFA, which I gave an editorial design treatment for print. The research was inspired by a question I asked myself last year: How can I use graphic design to have a positive impact on the world? Looking specifically at issues of sustainability, my research on this topic informs every design decision I make, as the ultimate conclusion was that the best design is always the most efficient design.

BookBar Events Posters

Digital, Canva.com

One of the focal points of this community-centered bookstore is the many events they host, ranging from author readings, trivia nights, open-mic nights, and much more. As in-house designer, I made these and countless other posters for use on social media as well as to catch the eyes of people book browsing and sipping wine in the store. 

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